Suzanne Weusten

Trained as a psychologist, I used to teach psychology at a polytechnic college. Subsequently I switched to journalism and became editor-in-chief of Psychologie Magazine (a monthly magazine) and a member of the editorial staff of the daily newspaper De Volkskrant. In 2009 I started De Denkacademie (The thinking Academy), together with Kees Kraaijeveld, with whom I also wrote the book De gids voor helder denken (Dutch only). This book, which already sold more than 10000 copies, forms the basis of our work at our De Denkacademie (The Thinking Academy).

My experience as a journalist and the insight i gained as a psychologist is very helpful with the Denkacademie training courses. I’m particularly interested in the fallibility of the human mind and the biases of the brain, on which I’ve written a book: Hoe we onszelf voor de gek houden. ABC van denkfouten.