Shaun Lednor

How do you think clearly? Or, a more fundamental question: how do you even think? We think all day, but rarely reflect on our thinking. At most we evaluate the results of our thinking, but not the thinking process itself. Even though we still have a lot to learn about our thinking. Providing people with insight in their thinking, and offering them tools to think more clearly, that is what De Denkacademie does.

After studying in political science, I started as a Mapmaker (Kaartenmaker) at De Argumentenfabriek. In the five years that followed I’ve contributed to hundreds of maps. The complex questions I encountered while making those maps have been proven to be very valuable for enhancing my own thinking skills. Since 2015 I’ve switched to De Denkacademie ( The Thinking Academy), where I teach others the skills I’ve developed as a Mapmaker.  Thinking can always be improved, and good tools are indispensable.