Welcome to The Thinking Academy

De Denkacademie (The Thinking Academy) is the training division of De Argumentenfabriek (The Argumentation Factory).
De Denkacademie offers training in clear thinking.

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The Thinking Academy is an Amsterdam-based company that provides professionals with the tools to think clearly about complex problems. Whether in the private of public sector, the Thinking Academy uses its unique training content and methods to improve critical thinking skills.

Our curriculum is diverse, and ranges from courses on policy making to data-visualization, covering subjects like argumentation, language analysis, psychology and rhetoric.

The Thinking Academy is certified by Cedeo, who rate training agencies on client satisfaction. Seventy percent of our clients give us the highest rating for the value we provide.

Shaun Lednor
Senior trainer

How do you think clearly? Or, a more fundamental question: how do you even think? We think all day, but rarely reflect on our thinking. At most we evaluate the results of our thinking, but not the thinking process itself. Even though we still have a lot to learn about our thinking. Providing people with insight in their thinking, and offering them tools to think more clearly, that is what De Denkacademie does.

Kees Kraaijeveld
Director and trainer

How can we solve a problem together? How do I utilise the knowledge of my co-workers? How do you make an informed and well-considered decision? How do we convince others of our point of view? These kinds of questions – the type of questions our clients call us with at De Argumentenfabriek – have inspired me my whole adult life.

Suzanne Weusten
Director and trainer

Trained as a psychologist, I used to teach psychology at a polytechnic college. Subsequently I switched to journalism and became editor-in-chief of Psychologie Magazine (a monthly magazine) and a member of the editorial staff of the daily newspaper De Volkskrant. In 2009 I started De Denkacademie (The thinking Academy), together with Kees Kraaijeveld, with whom I also wrote the book De gids voor helder denken (Dutch only). This book, which already sold more than 10000 copies, forms the basis of our work at our De Denkacademie (The Thinking Academy).

Monique Ezendam

I’ve been a trainer at De Denkacademie (The Thinking Academy) since January 2014. The training courses fit my professional background, and my love for making complex situations manageable. We do that by providing means and techniques that enable you to make abstract information more concrete.